Human-to-human care, superpowered by technology.

Collaborative care

Our collaborative care brings together coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists to ensure members are provided with the appropriate level of care when they need it the most.

Virtual platform

Our virtual platform is supported by proprietary technology that’s built on the world’s largest mental health data set, which enables high-quality care to be delivered and scaled across the globe.

How our care works

On-demand care at anytime

Coaching that fits your schedule — right from your smartphone. It’s as easy as opening your weather app and as reassuring as a forecast of clear skies.

Personalized care for any need

While some days are sunny, others are stormy and gray. Our coaches, therapists and psychiatrists work together to offer care at any level, no matter the forecast.

Private care from anywhere

Because the weather can change in an instant, we help you build skills to take on life’s challenges, wherever you are. Whether you need sunglasses or an umbrella, we’ll help you pack.

Care when you need it

Whether you need immediate, in-the-moment support, or prefer regularly scheduled sessions, there’s always a coach available to chat. Therapists and psychiatrists have weekend and evening sessions, so you can get support at a time that’s convenient for your schedule.

Even at 3 AM

76% percent of members have used Ginger outside of standard 9–5 PM business hours.

Care that’s always on

Care just for you

Mental health comes in all shapes and sizes. Our team-based structure can flex to meet all levels of need, from everyday support to clinical care. And our virtual platform lets members access care in a mode that works best for them—through text, video, and self-guided resources.

Inclusive care

Ginger makes care accessible to a variety of populations, with teen-specific support for adolescent dependents ages 13-17, and Ginger in Spanish. Our diverse care team can support any member of any community on topics relating to LGBTQ+, racial trauma, veterans, traditionally underserved groups, economically disadvantaged groups, and more.

Care that adapts

Care that’s measured

Mental health progress has traditionally been hard to track. Our platform automatically scans and assesses information from care sessions, gathering member insights that empower coaches and clinicians to track progress and deliver higher-quality, more effective care over time.

1 billion+ data points

Our technology is powered by over 1.3 billion data points and 1 million self-reported surveys.

Care that’s measured

Care that scales

Worldwide demand for mental health support is at an all-time high, so we made it possible to scale high-quality care across global workforces. By using technology that automates workflows and administrative tasks, our care team can focus on what matters most—providing members with the care they deserve.

50 states and 50+ countries

Millions of people have access to Ginger through leading employers, health plans, and other partners.

Care that scales

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