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Advancing mental healthcare through research and data.

At Ginger, research and data guide our approach to transforming mental healthcare and achieving our vision of a world where mental health is never an obstacle.

Built on one of the world’s largest mental health data sets.

Ginger is focused on clinical and economic outcomes, developing new measurement tools, and peer-review programs that ensure transparent methodologies.


years of mental
health research


partnerships with top 10 U.S. academic medical centers


partnerships with nationwide
medical institutions

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Anxiety Improvement
for Ginger Members

  • Mild
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  • Severe

Depression Improvement
for Ginger Members

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Severe
  • Severe

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Mental health has historically suffered from a lack of meaningful measurement, which is critical to driving better health outcomes. Today, Ginger is a leader in understanding mental health trends, leveraging data science data to improve care delivery around the world, and transforming an industry that desperately needs change.

Sandy Pentland,
Advisor and Ginger co-founder