Mental healthcare starts with DEIB.

At Ginger, we believe in the power of DEIB and the impact we can make when we come together united by our shared values, mission, and purpose.

We believe that we can only achieve our vision — a world where mental health is never an obstacle — by building a company that reflects the diversity of the people we serve and the world in which we live.

By adopting an intentional, committed, actionable stance toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, we are better able to leverage the full potential of our diverse workforce so we can provide the best possible care to our members.

Culturally competent
mental healthcare.

Our differences have a range of implications on how we perceive the world, our lived experiences, and in turn, our mental health. By providing care that takes into account one’s background, beliefs, practices, experiences, and cultural identity, we are leveling the playing field as it relates to everyone receiving better access, quality, and care outcomes.

  • We offer a diverse care team that can support any member of any community.
  • We invest in cultural competency and ongoing training for care providers and the entire company on topics relating to LGBTQ+, racial trauma, veterans, traditionally underserved groups, economically disadvantaged groups, and more.
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A snapshot of our DEIB in practice

Ginger Diversity Dialogues

Company-wide conversations featuring speakers from a diverse array of backgrounds discussing their experiences and sharing their stories.

Disability Justice

A conversation with disability advocates Sulaiman Khanand and Josh Halstead about holistic mental health and how it connects to disability, and the unsettling trauma that disabled people face.

Gender Diversity

A dialogue designed and facilitated by Dr. J Garrett-Walker, whose research is on identity development for Black LGBTQ+ emerging adults. This dialogue was designed to support employees in acknowledging gender diversity, addressing and confronting cis-sexism, and promoting healthy conversations while challenging traditional gender norms and expectations.

A podcast featuring Dr. J. Garrett-Walker and Ginger coach Shula about identity, what Pride means to them, and Dr. J.'s own experience growing up and navigating the world. Listen to the podcast→

AAPI Month Podcast

A podcast featuring Ginger coaches Shobana and Mili about their shared experiences and the diversity within the Asian Americans and Pacific Islander community. Plus, self-care strategies for coping with racial challenges at a time when the country was witnessing a rise in anti-Asian violence. Listen to the podcast→

Transgender Advocacy

A discussion with advocate and award winning political strategist Aria Sa'id about Aria’s experience as a transgender Black woman and her groundbreaking social and cultural empowerment project for Black transgender women.

Hispanic/Latinx American Stories

A storytelling session with Latinx Ginger employees about their families’ histories, experience navigating dual cultures, and what Hispanic/Latinx history means to them.

Native American and Healing

A fireside chat with Shalene Joseph of the Native Wellness Institute around mental health in the Native American community, diversity within the Native community, observing Thanksgiving, visibility to the Native community, and healing through generational trauma.

Past DEIB Initiatives and Celebrations

Pride Month

Pride at Ginger featured a remarkable guest speaker, a fun-filled happy hour, and a company-wide Pride toolkit with a variety of Pride resources.


We honored Juneteenth with a company-wide holiday, a presentation and discussion about the meaning of Juneteenth at an All-Hands meeting, and an original essay by a Ginger coach on our blog, entitled “Honoring and Celebrating Juneteenth.” Read the essay→

Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and the launch of Ginger in Spanish, we created a new episode (in Spanish) of our storytelling series, Ginger Chats. Kim Guerra, founder of Brown Badass Bonita, inspires and empowers the Latinx community with an original poem about her revolutionary movement of self-love. Watch the video→

We also created a toolkit with resources about how to honor the month.

Racial and Restorative Justice

  • Ongoing racial and restorative justice work, beginning with a six-month company-wide pilot program with the racial and restorative justice organization, Stronghold.

  • Racial and restorative justice affinity groups, including six months of monthly race-based discussions facilitated by Ginger employee stewards who were trained by Stronghold. The six months culminated with three company-wide panel discussions with members from each of the groups.

  • Manager trainings with both Life Labs and Merging Pathways: Navigating Sensitive Conversations of Race and Allyship.

Employee Resource Groups

  • Black Group

  • Women Group

  • Asian Pacific Islander Group

  • Latinx Group

  • LGBTQIA Group

  • Caregiver ERG

  • Disability ERG

  • Jewish ERG

  • PowHer (Black Women Leadership) ERG

Perspectives from the Ginger team

Shobana, Coaching

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"One of the things that stood out to me most in my 2 years of working with Ginger is the true commitment and stand the company and its leadership took when it came to DEIB. For me, seeing a company take accountability with their efforts and acknowledge their shortcomings demonstrates true empathy for their employees who come from all walks of lives. Commitment to diversity also means we are willing to have difficult conversations and I have never seen leadership shy away from it and that means a lot in this day and age. As an immigrant woman of color, being in a workplace where I am heard and my experiences seen is extremely important and I can safely say that Ginger has always made me feel safe to bring my whole self which in return gave me a sense of belonging."

Dena, Clinical

Head Shot


"As a Black woman in mental health, there was a tremendous amount of personal and professional heaviness being navigated as I landed at Ginger in November 2020. I was immediately grateful when I found out that Ginger was prioritizing affinity spaces (thanks to the leadership of Zhané GayByrd!) because for me the affinity space provided an opportunity for my mind, heart and spirit to be nurtured by my colleagues with such power and grace. Showing up for one another, learning, growing, and creating authentic connections is at the core of DEIB and something I can say I felt from the affinity spaces, honest dialogues and trainings within Ginger Snaps, and our ability to create our DEIB Post Doctoral training track to focus on the work with collective intentionality."

Zane, Member Support

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“From my very first week at Ginger, I felt safe to express myself and my trans identity. I will never forget the time when my team at Ginger surprised me at work with a gigantic self-care gift basket and a homemade cookie cake the day before I left for my gender-affirming chest surgery. It was one of the biggest gestures of love and acceptance I have ever experienced. In a world where trans people are not always guaranteed safety in the workplace, I am beyond grateful to belong to a company where I can be as visible as I choose to be.”

Tanesha, Customer Success

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"I've been privileged to see the org through so many changes and iterations.  These changes have been tough from a DEIB perspective and I have faced adversity myself.  That notwithstanding, I have always had the opportunity to talk with senior leadership on a very personal level, both on my own behalf and on behalf of some of my colleagues.  I've always walked away from these conversations feeling seen, heard and with the firm knowledge that my words were not for nought; changes will come."


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"When I first began my career here at Ginger, I quickly recognized the sense of community that I was walking into. As a black, queer man, it is rare to work for a company where you feel like there is a space of acceptance for everyone. I am always in awe of and inspired by my co-workers and peers here."

Julia, Implementation

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she/her, they/them

“Coming on board at Ginger three and a half years ago was the most accepted I had felt in a workplace in my life. It was immediately evident that I was by far not the only or first queer polyamorous person there and that the way I chose to present myself to my work and my colorful background were accepted, celebrated, and understood. I'm proud of the ways that Ginger creates a sense of belonging for employees of the queer community as a reflection of the ways we serve our diverse community of members.”


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“One of the most important cultural phenomenons that I have very much appreciated over my five years here at Ginger has been around the incredibly high emotional quotient (EQ) of an average Ginger employee. Along those lines, I had the privilege of participating as the “founding member” of the initial DEIB taskforce back in 2019 and have learned tremendously from the diverse members of our team. One of my proudest moments has been a chance to support a gender transformation of a dear friend and the most charming team member ever, over several months and years (you know who you are), right here at Ginger. And I would love to continue to be part of such an empathetic community for many years to come at Headspace Health.”

Alexis, People Ops

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“In my time at Ginger, I have come to love the culture. Our efforts to continually learn and have open dialogue on difficult topics highlights our genuine desire to do better. These learnings have bled into my everyday work, and into my personal day to day. I often reflect on our Diversity Dialogues and the enriched topics that are discussed. I am proud of the work we've done around DEIB and cannot wait to do more in the future!”

Ally, Coaching

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"Having epilepsy can cause so much uncertainty for me, but Headspace Health has been consistent. The ability to work from home and have access to benefits that really support my wellness has been a life changer for me. I get to keep a career that I am passionate about while also committing to my own very necessary self care."

Provider demographics

Clinician demographics

  • 83%

    identify as women

  • 8%


  • 58%

    identify as White

  • 17%

    identify as Black/African American

  • 15%

    identify as Hispanic or Latino

  • 4%

    identify as Asian

  • 2%

    identify as two or more races

  • 1%

    identify as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

  • 1%

    identify as American Indian/Alaskan Native

Coaching demographics

  • 87%

    identify as women

  • 7%


  • 48%

    identify as White

  • 20%

    identify as Black/African American

  • 13%

    identify as Hispanic or Latino

  • 5%

    identify as Asian

  • 4%

    identify as two or more races

  • 1%

    identify as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

  • 0%

    identify as American Indian/Alaskan Native

*Fluent in Spanish. Spanish language capabilities are available to two pilot populations, with general access to Spanish available in January 2022 Ginger does not currently have designated multilingual staff who interact with members in other languages.

Company-wide demographics


  • 74.3%

    identify as female

  • 24.7%

    identify as male

  • 0.3%

    identify as non-binary

  • 0.7%

    do not specify


  • 38.2%

    ages 25-34

  • 35.2%

    ages 35-44

  • 16.8%

    ages 45-54

  • 5.7%

    ages 55-64

  • 2.6%

    ages 18-24

  • 1.4%

    age 65+


  • 52.4%

    identify as White

  • 14.8%

    identify as Black/African American

  • 11.1%

    identify as Hispanic or Latino

  • 9.5%

    identify as Asian

  • 4.2%

    identify as two or more races

  • 0.7%

    identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

  • 0.2%

    identify as American Indian/Alaskan Native

  • 7.1%

    do not specify

Our workplace embraces a diversity of genders, ages, races and ethnicities.

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