Staying Connected

Maintain relationships and social connections from a distance

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Social connections are crucial for mental health. Feeling connected to others has been shown to reduce stress, increase happiness, and give us a sense of purpose. Studies have also shown that people who feel connected have lower rates of anxiety and depression.

That said, it’s hard to stay connected while social distancing, but maintaining relationships is perhaps more important now, during COVID-19, than ever.

Here are some tips to help you stay connected during this time.

  1. Be intentional

Texting is a great way to stay in touch, but we’re often not fully engaged during a text conversation as we are when we’re talking to someone.

Schedule a time to chat in real time either on video or phone so that you can be fully present.

  1. Get creative

Use technology to create new experiences.

  • Have a happy hour or dinner date through video chat.
  • Use apps to play games, watch shows, and stay connected. (More and more apps are coming all the time to help you share experiences and activities.)
  • Schedule a time to watch livestreams of your favorite events and activities, such as gym classes, book clubs, and concerts.
  1. Take the lead
  • Don’t wait for someone else to schedule activities. Make an effort to reach out to friends and family and get something on the calendar.
  • Schedule a virtual game night, family video chat, or invite someone to take a live morning workout class with you.
  • Create new and fun ways to connect and enjoy experiences together through the use of video chat, screen sharing, and the endless amount of new apps.