Sharing Space, Giving Space

Create boundaries with the people you live with

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Sheltering in place can mean spending more time than usual in the same space as your loved ones. In this new reality, we need to manage disruptions to both our personal and professional lives.

Here are six tips to help you feel grounded, improve connections, create autonomy, and perhaps even make some moments of magic in this time.

1. Create a schedule and let each other know what you are up to

Structure can feel hard to find if you don’t make an effort to create it. Carve out time and space for work and play.

2. Create physical, emotional and psychological boundaries.

Just because you’re together 24/7 doesn’t mean you’re both accessible 24/7. Create times when you or your partner are able to dedicate time to work, movement or any other kind of time that will be your very own. Perhaps even choose a word or a gesture (keep it nice!) that will let the other person know you are in the middle of something and that you would rather not be interrupted.

3. Agree on how to split household duties.

You’re likely to be eating together and cleaning up after each other. Discuss the best way to manage chores and how you can make each other feel respected and cared for.

4. Engage in judgement-free listening.

We are going through a uniquely stressful time with many unknowns. Everyone reacts to this situation differently, and emotions can frequently change. Try to be present for your partner in their process and set the expectation that they will do the same for you.

5. Work on something together, whether it is a home improvement project or managing your kid’s school.

Take the time to work together and recognize yourselves as a team.

6. Create moments to intentionally connect.

Get creative. Don’t take each other for granted physically, emotionally or psychologically. Talk about hopes and dreams. And, because changing locations isn’t possible, find a way to create a little magic at home.