Savor the Good

Cherish life's good moments to boost your mood

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Cherishing the good moments in life can actually boost your mood. When you’re feeling down or anxious, it can be hard to remember all the good in your life. And there are good moments. You just have to remember them and then spend some time cherishing them.

How to savor the good moments

In order to savor the good moments in your life, you need to know what they are. Start by looking at your day. Maybe it was the feeling of entering a warm home after being out in the cold, or your first sip of coffee in the morning.

You can also look for pleasant memories, parts of your life that you’re grateful for, or plans you’re excited about. Those count as good moments, too.

While thinking about each good time, spend a few moments savoring the sensation of being warm, or satisfied, or grateful. Keep a journal and write notes about these moments. Being aware and paying attention to the good times can have a big impact on your overall mood.

Here are four different ways to cherish the good moments:

1. Luxuriating: When absorbed in physical pleasure, such as receiving a massage, or through eating delicious food slowly and mindfully.

2. Giving Thanks: When feeling gratitude for a positive experience, like a great day out with friends or the company of your pet.

3. Basking: When immersing yourself in the pride of an accomplishment, like completing a 5K run, or finishing a work project.

4. Marveling: When being amazed by the beauty of the world, such as a beautiful sunset, or the way the city sparkles at night.