Grounding Your Stress: Sit

Take things down a notch in high stress situations

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2 mins

When you’re in situations of high stress, grounding techniques are a great way to take things down a notch. They help you calm your mind by focusing it on something else.

When your mind has a healthy distraction, you get distance from the thoughts and feelings that are causing you stress. This distance gives your body a chance to calm itself.

These techniques are useful to practice when:
  • You'd like to find moments of calm during the day.
  • You need to take a break from a stressful situation.
  • You're having trouble falling asleep.
  • You can't seem to shake an ongoing feeling of stress or anxiety, making it hard to focus.

This practice is best for times when you have a moment to take a break and can return to the same spot over and over. Times when you're at home, work, or school are best for this practice.